What makes us different?

When it comes to our bathrooms we make sure that you 'the client' get the best job for your money, we help design the bathroom and communicate with the client from start to finish via email, text or phone calls, we will never let the client stuggle by assuming they know what they can have and where they can have it, we make them aware of all options and paths that can be taken, some may be more expensive than others however from feedback most assume a bathroom is like for like and the suite cannot be moved around, this is why we give our time to help. We always keep up to date with training courses as well as keeping a close bond with our merchants who teach us about new products and materials.



We will always attempt to completely strip the room back to brick/studwork unless the client specifies otherwise. The reason for this is it allows us to access all old pipework so it can be renewed as well as installing new plasterboard/cement board.

Backgrounds also have permitted weights which alot of fitters still dont understand, we see alot of people re board a room but then plaster it. Plastering it decreases the weight that can be installed meaning not only has it wasted your time and money but you have payed for a job that in theory will stop you from having specific tiles installed, here is a list of the maximum permitted weights;


These are maximum permitted weights per m2 of tiles and adhesive combined:

Plaster 20kg/m2

Plasterboard 32kg/m2

Render 40kg/m2

Marmox Tile Backer Board 62kg/m2


We also remove the flooring 9 times out of 10 as this has more often than not been exposed to leaks and spills over the years and shows signs of rot and damage, so if the client is having their floor tiled then this is best practice as we can make sure the floor is prepared and fitted correctly to prevent cracks and lifting of the tiles down the years.

Shower areas; this isn't a must but in my opinion it would be foolish not to when doing such a job... we tank all our wet areas in a suitable tanking membrane, this is because grout its self is not waterproof but water resistant meaning it is porous and after time water will find its way through causing damage to the background behind the tiles, more often plasterboard,once the plasterboard gets wet there is no going back and no easy repair therefore pushing you into having your bathroom refurbished once again. The membrane puts a waterproof layer between the background and the tiles meaning if water was to get through it would not be able to penetrate or damage the background behind.


From the pictures below you may also see our tile spacers are different to most others, these are a self levelling system design to help prevent human error as well as bending large format tiles that could be miss shaped back straight. This gives a flush finish with no unsightly lippages in the tiles meaning a perfect tiling job to finish the job off.



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